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Bruce Hubbard




Hubbard - 4 generations (including Havards)  1916

Right: Walter's Grandmother Martha Havard. Seated left: her daughter and Walter's mother Ada Magdalene "Maggie" Hubbard

Centre top: Walter Henry Hubbard, (Maggie's son), Centre Front: Edna Hubbard (Walter's eldest child).

Maggie Hubbard is mother to Walter, Arthur ("Mick"), Thomas (Tom) of Hub Motors and Hubbard Motors.

Maggie Hubbard is also mother to Ruby and Myrtle 


Maggie Hubbard’s husband Arthur George Albert Hubbard died in 1903.

Maggie Hubbard remarried, to Alfred James Montgomery Lear (Alf Lear) in 1905.  

Maggie Hubbard is Mrs Lear here in 1916.

(Great grandmother to Bruce Hubbard)



South Australian Register 3 February 1870 page 4

Advertiser 22 June 1903 page 4

Advertiser 22 June 1903 page 4

George Hubbard is George Hubbard Snr b. 1811, husband of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hubbard is Elizabeth Ennifer b. 1820

Colonists to South Australia

Great great great grandparents to Bruce Hubbard

Arthur "Mick" Ennifer Hubbard takes her family name Ennifer three generations later.

Elizabeth's fourth daughter is Sarah Anne Culley (nee Hubbard).

Advertiser 20 June 1904 page 4 Advertiser 20 June 1905 page 6

Advertiser 20 June 1906 page 6



Advertiser 24 June 1922 page 10

Martha Cowan is Martha Havard (nee Cox), Walter Henry Hubbard's grandmother (on his mother's side), in the picture above

J Havard is Joseph Havard

Mrs Lear is Maggie Hubbard (Ada Magdalene Havard), Joseph's sister



Advertiser 12 March 1903 page 2

Advertiser 12 March 1903 page 4

Arthur Hubbard is Arthur George Albert Hubbard, son of George Hubbard jnr and Helena "Ellen" Edith Hubbard (nee Day).

Maggie Hubbard is Ada Magdalene Hubbard (nee Havard)

George Hubbard is George Hubbard Jnr

Mrs E Hubbard is Elizabeth Hubbard (nee Ennifer) and wife of George Hubbard snr. 

Mrs Havard in this reference is Lily Helena Edith Havard (nee Hubbard) - Helena "Ellen" Edith Hubbard's daughter, (who takes her mother's given names).

Mrs Platt is Rosa Evelyn Platt (nee Hubbard) - also Helena "Ellen" Hubbard's daughter. 

Arthur Hubbard, (brother of Lily and Rosa) is Walter Henry Hubbard's father. 


Arthur Hubbard, b. 14 August 1865, d. 11 March 1903, is father to:

Walter Henry Hubbard b. 1889 Melbourne

Arthur "Mick" Ennifer Hubbard b. 1891 Adelaide

Ruby Hubbard b. 1894 Adelaide

Myrtle Hubbard b. 1898 Adelaide

Thomas George Harold Hubbard b. 1901 Adelaide



Alfred James Montgomery Lear is their stepfather from 1905.

Maggie Hubbard is Maggie Lear from 1905.


The Advertiser 21 April 1941 page 8

Ada Magdalene Lear is Maggie Hubbard (nee Havard)

Alfred Lear is Maggie's second husband  

Wal is Walter Henry Hubbard

Arthur is Arthur "Mick" Ennifer Hubbard

Ruby is Ruby Hubbard

Myrtle is Myrtle Hubbard

Tom is Thomas George Harold Hubbard

Ted is Edward John Norman Lear


The Mail 27 October 1945 p 14

Wal is Walter Henry Hubbard

Mick is Arthur "Mick" Ennifer Hubbard

Ruby is Ruby Hubbard

Myrtle is Myrtle Hubbard

Tom is Thomas George Harold Hubbard


The Mail 27 October 1945 p 14

Alfred James Montgomery Lear (Alf Lear)

Ada Magdalene Lear is Maggie Hubbard (nee Havard)

Edward is Edward John Norman Lear (Ted Lear)


The Mail 27 October 1945 p 14




Walter Henry Hubbard and Florence. With children: Sydney, Gordon (baby), Edna, Mavis (front), (Colin not born)  1916

(Grandfather and grandmother to Bruce Hubbard)


Adelaide Chronicle 15 June 1944 page 13

Edna is Edna May b. 1911

Sydney is Sydney Francis b. 1913

Mavis is Mavis Doreen b. 1914

Gordon is Gordon Victor b. 1916

Colin is Colin Lance b. 1918

Walter is Errol Walter b. 1920

Jean is Peggy Jean b. 1920




Ruby Hubbard's Wedding on 3 April 1917. Christopher Metcalf (seated). Myrtle Hubbard (Ruby's sister). 

Walter Henry Hubbard's children Edna Hubbard and Sydney Hubbard. Best man Chris's brother (standing).  


Ruby Hubbard was a teacher in the deaf school at the Brighton Home for the Blind and Deaf and Dumb for 7 years before she married.

Ruby Hubbard - Daily Herald, Adelaide, 10 December 1917 page 7.



Advertiser 8 October 1946 page 14

Myrtle (Myrt) Hubbard's Wedding to Charles Leslie (Les) Bray on 8 October 1921

Arthur (Art) Valentine Hubbard - boy on left (Arthur "Mick" Ennifer of Hubbard Motors son), Gordon and Mavis (Walter Henry Hubbard's Children)

Married at Stow Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide 

Stow Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide





Advertiser 13 August 1941 page 12

Chronicle 14 August 1941 page 18



Colin Hubbard's wedding (Walter Henry Hubbard's third son) to Lucy, 11 April 1942.

Married at St Paul's Church (Church of England) Pulteney Street 

Lucy lived in Bewes Street on the north side of Hurtle Square and Colin worked at the family owned and operated service station on the south side of the Square at 422 Pulteney Street (then 200 Hanson Street), which is where they first met. St Paul's Church where they married is a few streets north along Pulteney Street.


St Paul's Church (Church of England), north-east corner of Pulteney Street and Flinders Street, Adelaide



Advertiser 20 May 1960 page 34


Mr Colin Hubbard 1939, age 21


Mrs Lucy Hubbard 1969


Helena "Ellen" Edith Hubbard (nee Day)  b. 7 November 1846 Norwich England

The English rose

St Pauls Church, Pulteney Street, is also where George Hubbard jnr and Helena "Ellen" Edith Day (Colin's great grandparents) were married on 2 April 1871.

Ellen was an adventurous young lady who migrated from England to Australia arriving in Adelaide in January 1864, age 17 years, after a 3 month journey on a sailing ship.

Ellen married three times. Her second marriage was to William Lavers at the Courthouse Hotel, Redruth, Burra, South Australia.

Sometime later they returned to England (they were both English) and later migrated to Seattle, Washington State, USA in 1903.

It is recorded that they were hotelkeepers in Seattle (1910 Census USA)

Helena Lavers was a member of the Overseas Club, and lived at 1925 Queen Anne Ave, Queen Anne, Seattle (Lavers, Mrs H E, Overseas Club)

(Overseas Club details click here)  and

Her third marriage was to Reeves Aylmore in Seattle, Washington State USA.

Ellen's Marriage Certificate to Reeves Aylmore at the Overseas Club Seattle and her signature as Mrs Lavers is here.

Ellen's grave is in Retsil, Washington State USA. She died on 20 August 1938 and was 91 years of age.

Traced from Mrs Lucy Hubbard's family notes "Day".

Great great grandmother to Bruce Hubbard.


George Hubbard's marriage to Helena "Ellen" Edith Day 2 April 1871.

George Hubbard is George Hubbard Jnr

George Hubbard, his father is George Hubbard Snr

Helena Day is Helena "Ellen" Edith Day

William John Day is her father born in London, her mother is Anna Day (nee Milster).

St Pauls Church, Pulteney Street, Adelaide 



Advertiser 24 May 1938 page 12


Joseph Havard is Maggie Hubbard's (nee Havard) brother.

Lily Hubbard is Lily Helena Edith Hubbard (who takes the same given names as her mother "Ellen" Hubbard with the extra name Lily).

Lily Hubbard married Joseph Havard. Arthur Hubbard married Maggie Havard. (Lily and Arthur Hubbard, sister and brother, married Joseph and Maggie Havard, brother and sister).

Arthur, is the first generation of Arthur Hubbard - there are three successive generations with an Arthur Hubbard (Arthur, Arthur "Mick", Arthur "Art").

Martha Cowan is Martha Havard, Walter Hubbard's grandmother in the first picture on this page.

George Hubbard is George Hubbard Jnr, Ellen's first husband.

Mrs H E Aylmore is Helena "Ellen" Edith Hubbard (nee Day).



St Jude's Church (Church of England), Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria


Margaret Hubbard

The brainy one

Arthur "Mick" Hubbard (of Hubbard Motors) daughter (also sister to Arthur (Art) Valentine Hubbard)

According to a family member:

"There was her name, emblazoned in gold, many times over on the huge polished honour board which graced the assembly hall at Adelaide Girls High School."


The News 12 January 1940 page 4:



The News 10 December 1941 page 5:




The Mail 20 December 1941 p2:



News 28 December 1942 p4:



(The News 15 June 1950 p28):


Advertiser 20 February 1951 p2:


The News 23 October 1952 p.10

Advertiser 18 September 1953 p15:





Arthur (Art) Valentine Hubbard son of Arthur "Mick" Hubbard (of Hubbard Motors)

Art had a business at 18 Hanson Street (Pulteney Street), Adelaide.


The Advertiser 13 May 1944 p10:


Chronicle 8 April 1937 page 37


The Advertiser 8 April 1937 p7:


The Advertiser 19 March 1938 page 29:


Camden Speedway - Cnr Anzac Highway and Morphett Road, Camden Park SA

Arthur (Art) Hubbard


Camden Motordrome memorial



The Advertiser 30 March 1939 page 7

The Mail 9 November 1946 page 13


The Advertiser 11 November 1946 page 3

The News 20 December 1946 page 5


The Advertiser 13 November 1953 page 35:




Brothers to Walter Henry Hubbard the eldest. Arthur "Mick" Ennifer Hubbard, and Thomas "Tom" George Harold Hubbard.

Doris Hubbard. Emily Alice Queenie Hubbard


Sydney Hubbard's wedding (Walter Henry Hubbard's eldest son) to Mary, 26 April 1938.

Married at Christ Church, Hawthorn, Melbourne (Church of England).

Mary's parents owned the Mount Dandenong Hotel at Olinda

Sydney Hubbard, Walter Henry Hubbard's eldest son, as a youngster is in the pictures above.

Colin Hubbard, Walter Henry Hubbard's third son was the best man.


(The Argus Melbourne 27 April 1938 page 9)



Christ Church (Church of England), Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria



Gordon Hubbard born 11 March 1916.

 Gordon Hubbard's wedding (Walter Henry Hubbard's second son) to Lois, 26 June 1939.

Married at St Augustine's Church (Church of England), Unley, Adelaide .

Gordon Hubbard, Walter Henry Hubbard's second son, as a youngster is in the pictures above.

Gordon had his own orchestra.


The Advertiser 20 June 1939 page 11:


Gordon Hubbard's wedding to Lois Bond, 26 June 1939. Colin Hubbard best man.


St Augustine's Church (Church of England), Unley Road, Unley, Adelaide



Gordon Hubbard's Orchestra

The Advertiser 18 January 1939 page 2:


The Advertiser 28 January 1939 page 2:



The Advertiser 13 May 1939 page 3:


The Advertiser 17 August 1940 page 2:


Trades Hall, Grote Street 1911


According to a family member:

"Gordon played both piano & sax. Gordon had an extraordinary musical gift."



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